We Help You Increase Profits with Automated Marketing Systems





Attracting More Customers

Identify your 5-star prospects, discover where to find them, and give them a compelling reason to begin a valued relationship with you.

Keeping Customers Longer

Build relationships with customers that extend well beyond the initial sale so that they'll remain customers for the long term.

Increasing Customer Spend

Your customers have demonstrated that they trust you and want your services.  Add more ways they can easily buy from you.

Matt Lietz The Clever Investor

While most service providers fall short on promises again and again, Marami Marketing continually goes above and beyond! Thanks to Phil and his team for making our lives so easy! Despite being given a challenging deadline, Phil and his team literally built us an automated revenue generating machine! They were truly a joy to work with and within a few short weeks the ROI has already been phenomenal!


STEP 1: Conduct "Process Audit & Inventory"

We'll interview you and your team to understand your goals and challenges.  â€‹We'll dive deep into your current processes to determine what's important.  Finally, we'll take an inventory of any marketing assets that can be used to create your campaigns.

STEP 2: Create Custom Marketing Blueprint

Our team will analyze our findings and combine them with proven marketing strategies​, tactics, and the most effective technology to create a comprehensive marketing blueprint for your business.  We'll review the blueprint with you and make modifications as necessary.

STEP 3: Build Your System

Our team will build your new marketing system based on the blueprint. The system may include, but is not limited to, automation software, direct mail, websites, and videos. If certain steps cannot be automated and must be performed by your staff, we'll provide training.

STEP 4: Review Results & Make Improvements

On an ongoing basis our team will review the results of your new marketing system, review results with you, and make modifications based on findings and changes to your business goals.

Marvin Acuna The Business of Show Institute

In a 3-month period Phil boosted our revenues by 80%... Which is incredible by itself. But even better is that we didn't have to be there to do it. It all happened literally on autopilot.

Dr. Jack Von Bulow Temple City Dental Care

Dang it Philipp, you're something else. I really appreciate your talent and all you've done for our practice.